Q-Leap Health, Inc.

Q-Leap Health, Inc. was founded by Dr. Walter Rayford, Dr. Randy V. Bradley and Mr. Davenel Denis to (i) increase physician and patient awareness of health disparities and their causes, (ii) change their behavior, and (iii) improve outcomes to eliminate disparities. Though we are focused on changing behavior, we realize that the above three priorities are interrelated; thus, we must increase awareness before we can change behavior. We believe our focus on changing behavior will ultimately improve outcomes. Hence, Q-Leap Health empowers and engages patients, physicians, and other health care professionals (HCPs) to eliminate health disparities through social communication strategies and providing online professional networking services. Our cutting-edge technology applications and innovative collaboration platforms help to overcome communication barriers and increase patient accountability.

We exist to be agents of transformation to help eliminate health care disparities, thus our aims are transdisciplinary in that they advocate for the building of partnerships between HCPs and other experts in the health disparity academic and research community. We anticipate the outcome will translate into the deployment of innovative solutions with high usability, thereby enabling greater adoption among HCPs. Ultimately, we strive to transform HCPs’ behavior and engagement to better motivate and encourage greater patient commitment in the health care delivery process. This could lead to a drastic improvement, if not eradication, of health disparities.


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